The Nature of Investing: The newest book from Katherine Collins explores the connections between investment strategies and biomimicry.

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Principle 01: Resource and Energy Efficient

Principle 02: Life Friendly Chemistry

Principle 03: Integrated Growth And Development

Principle 04: Locally Attuned

Principle 05: Adapt to Changing Conditions

Principle 06: Evolve To Survive

What is Honeybee Capital?

Honeybee Capital reconnects investing with the real world.

We provide long-term, thematic research, focused on topics that lead to resilient, regenerative, profitable investing activity. Fields where we gather ideas include behavioral finance, impact investing, and complexity science, and we have a particular interest in applying the principles of biomimicry to investing.

What we offer:

1. Use principles of biomimicry to guide our methodology. 2. Use a multidisciplinary approach to research. 3.Translate information from a variety of fields into an investment-relevant framework.

What we believe:

Honeybee Capital believes that investing with a framework based on simple principles found in nature generates optimal and profitable investment decisions, reconnecting investing with the real world, creating a regenerative economy, and supporting resilient communities.

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