The Nature of Investing  
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Our Research

Honeybee provides long-term, thematic research, centered around topics that lead to resilient, regenerative investing activity. Fields where we gather ideas include behavioral finance, impact investing, and complexity science, and we have a particular interest in applying the principles of biomimicry to investing (see our upcoming book, The Nature of Investing).  

We frequently attend forums and pursue research in areas where traditional equity investors are few, such as academic symposia, philanthropic conferences, and specialized topical seminars on scientific fields. This work is NOT traditional company-specific research, where we feel the field is already well-served by existing research providers and the opportunity for us to add original insight is relatively low: our goal is to focus more on long term themes than on short term news flow.

Our in-depth research is published on roughly a monthly basis, with more brief, frequent updates on our Bee Invested blog, Facebook page, and Twitter

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The Story of Honeybee Capital

Harvard Divinity School profile

Our work on reconnecting investing with the real world by integrating “values and value” was recently profiled by Harvard Divinity School:

Katherine Collins

Katherine Collins connects investing with people, ethics, and environment

Katherine Collins, MTS '11, was a rising star at Fidelity Management & Research Company, one of the country's leading investment firms. During her 18-year career at the company, she managed diversified mutual funds with assets of over $4 billion and was promoted to be head of equity research. Read more...

The Honeybee Talk

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Why are we called Honeybee?

  1. Honeybees make precious products by gathering bits and pieces from a wide range of sources.
  2. They are quiet but essential connectors in almost all ecosystems.
  3. The longest, but most thought-provoking explanation: One of our favorite organizations is the Santa Fe Institute, which focuses on research of complex adaptive systems (ecosystems, social systems, markets, etc).  At one of their colloquia several years ago, we were fortunate to hear a presentation from Tom Seeley, a honeybee expert based at Cornell University. Dr. Seeley’s work is absolutely fascinating (both in method and in findings) – you can read more about it at his Cornell site, and in his book, The Wisdom of the Hive and Honeybee Democracy. At SFI, he presented on research he’s done to determine how bees are able to make optimal collective decisions (i.e., they always find the best hive location). The details are mesmerizing, but to us, the most interesting condition highlighted was that bees are able to make optimal decisions partly because they have strong common value systems. We believe that by investing with a strong and consistent value system we, too, can generate optimal decisions over time.

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