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Innovative Investment Organizations and Other Investment-Related Links:

LMCM Thought Leader Forum
Some readers might recall our discussion last year about open vs. closed business models, a notion that intrigues me all the more when the business is one based on intellectual capital. In addition to the regularly illuminating content published by the Legg Mason Capital Management investment professionals, they also provide open access to the content of their Thought Leader Forums, so everyone can benefit from the ideas discussed at these fascinating and useful sessions. You can find full records of the last TLF event here:

James Surowiecki and Michael Mauboussin
Check out this New Yorker interview with James Surowiecki and Michael Mauboussin of Legg Mason: two of our favorite analytical minds, together at last!  Why do people refuse to make money, even when the facts are clear?  And yet we are overconfident at the same time, how could that be?  Listen to this and find out!  (Even better, read Michael’s book, Think Twice, which we’ve highlighted before).  This far-ranging discussion is a great example of E.O. Wilson-style thinking:
Listen to this!

Acumen Fund
I am intrigued by Acumen’s ‘patient capital’ approach, and admire the candor with which they discuss their work. If you have not read founder Jacquline Novogratz’s book, The Blue Sweater, yet, it is a great account of the personal journey that has led to the creation of this innovative organization.

Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters
Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters are all handily posted on BRK’s corporate website – like re-reading a favorite novel, they reveal additional layers of insight over time.

Jamie Dimon Letter
This is just passing along a link to Jamie Dimon’s letter to shareholders of JP Morgan – Buffett mentioned this at his own annual meeting, and it is indeed one of the most comprehensive and informative I’ve read this year.  Actually reading it in conjunction with the last several year’s JPM reports provides a great picture of how this company has fared better than many of their peers.

The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment
A wonderful clearinghouse for information about socially responsible investing, with lots of original content, plus links to many other valuable resources.

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