A Brief Introduction


Katherine speaks to investors of all sorts, focusing on the connection between investing and the real world (not the world on the screen).

Her talks are informed by over 20 years of professional investment experience, studies at Harvard Divinity School, and research on natural systems and biomimicry, all combining to form a more integrated, sustainable, and regenerative approach to investing.

Katherine’s energetic, positive delivery and thoughtful, provocative ideas leave audiences inspired and empowered to take action in their own investment decision-making.

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Select Engagements

Global Conference On Biomimicry Utrecht, Netherlands
Baltimore Next Generation Investing Event Baltimore, MD

Babson College, Wellesley, MA
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Buckingham Asset Management, St. Louis, MO
Fidelity Charitable, Chicago, IL

SOCAP San Francisco, CA
RSF, San Francisco, CA

FMR, Boston MA

MAY 2016
The Future History Festival Baltimore, MD
HDS Women’s Studies and Religion Program Denver, CO
Biomimicry Netherlands, Nature-Inspired Finance Amsterdam

APRIL 2016
Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA

MARCH 2016
Faith & Life series Minneapolis, MN

Regenerative Entrepreneur Program New York, NY
FPA Society of MN Minneapolis, MN

CFA Society of New Mexico Santa Fe, NM
Client events, London

SOCAP 2015 San Francisco, CA
SXSWEco Austin, TX

Santa Fe Institute/Towers Watson “Reinventing the Investment Industry” London

MAY 2015
Sustainatopia Los Angeles, CA
CFA Society Pittsburgh, PA
Petticrew Faith in Action Program, Christian Theological Seminary Indianapolis, IN


Earlier events

Types of Talks

Katherine offers a variety of talks depending on your audience and needs.

Honeybee Story – Reconnecting With Vocation

This is the story of Katherine’s personal journey as a professional investor, highlighting the increasing specialization and mechanization within finance and illuminating a more human, more natural path that reunites investing with the real world. This story can be presented as an investment-specific talk or a broader narrative of rediscovering vocation. A version of this talk can be seen here.

  • FORMAT: Keynote.
  • LENGTH: Versions from 15-45 minutes.
  • AUDIENCE: Professionals who want to rediscover the meaning within their own vocations.

The Nature Of Investing – How Natural Principles Can Improve Investment Decision Making

Highlights from Katherine’s book, The Nature of Investing, are covered in this talk, which covers three main topics: 1.) Why should we look to nature as a model for human systems? 2.) How do natural principles apply to investing? 3.) What does a positive, generative investing framework look like? The presentation can be framed for either professional investors or individual investors.

  • FORMAT: keynote, or keynote plus workshop.
  • LENGTH: keynote from 30-60 minutes. Workshop from 1-3 hours.
  • AUDIENCE: investment professionals who want to consider vital risks and opportunities within their own business or practice; individual investors who want a strategic framework for redirecting their own investment activity.

Case Studies – Focused Topical Seminars

These are seminar-style talks, best suited to groups of less than 50 individuals who are professional investors (or preparing to be). We decide jointly on a case study that is relevant for the group (company, product, or investment approach) and develop an analytical assessment together using the natural systems principles from The Nature of Investing.

  • FORMAT: interactive format; mostly discussion.
  • LENGTH: 1-2 hours (can be extended to a series as appropriate).
  • AUDIENCE: professional investors, especially active managers or fundamental research teams.

University Lectures – Links Between “Old” And “New” Finance

Katherine speaks at several colleges and universities each year; topics have ranged from an overview of social investing to a discussion of crucial strategic issues for social entrepreneurs to case studies of companies or issues relevant to the course at hand. Katherine especially likes to focus on the links between “new” approaches to finance and investing and traditional tools. Past hosts include Wellesley College, Harvard Kennedy School, Babson College, and the University of Michigan.

  • FORMAT: class lecture/guest presenter.
  • LENGTH: 30-45 minute talk, plus 30-45 minutes of discussion.
  • AUDIENCE: undergraduate or graduate students with interest in socially responsible investing, social enterprise, or impact investing.


Not only is Katherine able to see connections among the worlds of investing, philosophy, and nature, where others do not, but she ties them together in a meaningful and actionable way.


CEO, Correlation Consulting and Take Action! The Impact Investing Summit

Katherine Collins reconnects us with the older meaning of “to invest” – to spend or devote time and treasure for future advantages. Through honeybee alchemy she has combined her acumen as a very successful, traditional equity portfolio manager at Fidelity with the lessons she has learned as a pilgrim, volunteer and divinity school graduate to create an integrated framework for all investors to find ways to better serve our communities and our planet. Always thoughtful, friendly and accessible, she is the “dream” presenter for any group interested in impact or local investing and social entrepreneurship.


Managing Partner and President & Ellen Stone, Managing Partner, Baldwin Brothers Investment Management

Katherine is an intellectual wildcatter, who is constantly exploring new intellectual landscapes. She combines a rare ability to dive deep and actually develop domain expertise, while constantly expanding her network of teachers and ideas. This ability for depth and breadth comes from Katherine’s broad experience as an analyst, investor, student, and entrepreneur. I have been fortunate to know Katherine as a colleague and friend for many years, and access to her work through Honeybee allows me to share in her intellectual journey. A journey that as an investor I find especially enjoyable and rewarding, as it is simply not replicated anywhere else.


Manager, Legg Mason Value Trust

Katherine spoke in my class at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and connected immediately with the students. She brings a breadth of perspectives—from managing a very large, very successful mutual fund to working nimbly in new micro-credit arenas—that spurred thoughtful, perspective-shifting dialogue in the classroom. She is also provocative. I know several students who came to class thinking one thing and left with new perspective. Most of all, for a woman of her distinction, she is extraordinarily approachable. Having Katherine in the room or leading a conversation would enrich any discussion; getting to know her as person would enrich anyone’s life.


Gleitsman Visiting Practitioner, Center for Public Leadership, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

Working with Katherine Collins in creating her signature keynote talk has been a highlight thus far in my career. I got to witness how her message – combined with her delightful authenticity, passion and deep intelligence – moved an entire crowd to awe, revelation and contemplation. She is a fresh voice speaking with great wisdom and humor about a topic that this world is hungry to receive. Audiences love her, and even more than that, they are left inspired and enlightened by their encounter with her and her brilliant words. She is a revolutionary thinker, leader and speaker whose message and time has come.


Founder, KC Baker International

You are one of the most inspiring women in finance… and the work that you’re doing is path-breaking.


Founder, CapitalMissions.com

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